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Any peice of shit car with ridiculous addons or body upgrades that make it easy to distinguish a mongoloid spaniard just blew his weekly check to put plastic wal-mart rims of all different brands and styles on his rotting chasse.
Person 1: What the fuck? That '88 cutlass had a missing hubcap, 2 plastic spinners, a spare tire, and a 3 foot high spoiler!

Person 2: Fucking Spickmobiles.
by wtk508 October 04, 2008

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word "obamanation" is derived from the traditional english word "abomination".Simply put, barack obama is an abomination therefore there was a call for a new word.
dude 1 :Did you see the inauguration?

dude 2 : Yea, ill be surprised if that obamanation isnt assassinated.
by wtk508 January 27, 2009

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