3 definitions by wtfh is pseudonym?

That good shit you find at the bottom of your taki bag so you gotta snort it or suck it up.
Also good shit at throwing in peoples eyes when they say dumb shit
Person 1: I fucked your sis last night
Person 2: THE FUCK YOU SAY? *throws taki dust in person 1 eyes*
Person 1: bitch wtf
by wtfh is pseudonym? January 20, 2021
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Let's be straight here... It will never be post of the day, and if your retarded enough to look this up, then you need help.
Also I'm pretty sure this isn't gonna be posted.
Why the fuck will you need "This will never be POTD" in a sentence?
by wtfh is pseudonym? March 12, 2021
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That sarcastic definition that surprisingly no one has made.

When you're doing something that's shitty or annoying as fuck and no one wants to stop you, because we live in 2021 and everyone is lazy.
Guy 1: *does something annoying over and over*
Guy 2: Be that guy...
Guy 1: *keeps doing it*
by wtfh is pseudonym? March 19, 2021
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