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A mid-century trend where it was fashionable to suspend pieces of rocks and glass in color resin, often made into mantlepiece clocks. The result looks like regurgitated gelatin salad full of fruit bits. The term "vomit clock" came into popularity on a thrift store Facebook page. Any other object made this way can be called "vomit."
"Sharon! Check out this Vomit Clock for a buck. It will go great with my Vomit Ashtray."
by word diva November 14, 2018
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A man who is willing to be a sugar daddy, but has a serious lack of funds.
Actually my splenda daddy got it for me...so no.
by word diva February 8, 2011
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1. n. Term used to decribe non-threatening african american and caucasion young males who dress as if they are ready for a drive-by or rap video.

2. adj. An event, song, style of clothing, celebrity, car, etc. that panders to the above population.
1. "I didn't stay at the mall long- the food court was completely overrun with soda-pop gangsters."

2. "I wanted to buy a pair of Ecko shoes, but they looked so soda pop gangster."
by word diva February 8, 2011
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