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I am not a Christian myself, but I see that some of you are mistaking Protestants for being highnosed killjoys or whatever (maybe some of them are, but...). The truth is, being a protestant does not mean you're being a goodie-little-two-shoes. The difference between Catholics and Protestants is that Protestants aren't as 'faithful'. For example, they reject Papal authority. They also have priestesses and allow priests to marriage.

Basically the whole Protestant concept is that all you need to do is believe in and be faithful to god. It is then that your sins will be forgiven. Back in the 16th century, the Church sold indulgences, claiming that if you bought them, god will forgive you. Luther didn't think this was right. He thought that the Church was manipulating the people so that they could raise money for the St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome! And so he protested against the church authorities, claiming that you didn't need these indulgences. Nor did you have to attend regular masses, do pilgrimage or worship holy relics. "In a way everyone is their own temple." was his quote.
Luther's argument caused an uproar in society. The people were already sick of paying the church taxes, so they too revolted. The Reformation followed, although originally, Martin Luther never intended a revolution...

As I have learned from Urban Dictionary, the conflict between Catholics and Protestants still goes on to this very day. I hope this has opened some of your eyes and that in near future there will finally be peace between Catholics and Protestants.

If you don't think I am right about this, just google Martin Luther or next time, pay attention in history.

PS: I do understand that there are some Protestants that do wrong against Jews/Gays or anyone who is different. I find this extremely disturbing; it is not right. But then there are also catholic people like that. You find them everywhere, ...trust me.
Protestant: You Christians suck I hate you! Kill all the gays blablabla

TRUE Protestant: I believe in god, I rawk ;D
by wootz April 29, 2006
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