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When a guy sticks his penis through a donut so that when the girl is deep throughting she gets a bite of that tasty krispy kreme. It is recommended that you use a glazed donut so that the icing acts as sweet lube later on. Also you can stick the donut holes up a girls vagina and eat them out.
Pat: Can we please not use the donuts with sprinkles? Last time one got stuck in my dick hole

Lee: Of course, anything to make the blow nut better for you my love
by woner 24/7 May 18, 2011

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When you stick poop up your urethral opening and have a girl suck it out, and then gurgles it and spits it up your ass hole.
Phyllis: "Dude Freckles gave me a weiner cleaner last night."
Friend: "Lucky thats one good bitch."
by woner 24/7 July 02, 2011

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The Shirley Temple is when you take a can of whip cream and squirt it up a girls vagina. When you have put as much whip cream up there as you can put some cherries and sprinkles up there too. For the ultimate orgasm slide a banana up her pussy. Then you eat the girl out making sure to lick her vaginal tube completely clean. If you cant stretch your tongue that far then make her squat over your face so that it will all drip into your mouth.
Lee: Can we please Shirley Temple? I am super hungry and bored.

Pat: Absolutely! Let me stretch so that I can be prepared to squat
by woner 24/7 May 18, 2011

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