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>city gained publicity by mafia 'accident' back in 2007. 6 italians where slaughtered by about 70 bullets
>place of the free for all brawl Banditos Vs. Hells Angels in 2009.
>since loveparade 2010 also called Deathvalley (funfact #23: not a single duisburg citizen died that day)
>local anthem called:'dat is duisburg', performed by 'Die Bandbreite'

this city is mostly worn out. people with obscure ideas everywhere. avoid the main railroad station at the weekends. don't feed black and long haired, emotional confused people while these fight their stupid "my life sucks more than yours" battle.
best example was stated by 'GALILEO':

-J.F.K. was killed in...
A: Dallas
by whythenot March 18, 2011

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