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Is usually a young woman with a fake personality who likes to portray herself as sweet and wholesome to the greater public, while being a total bitch behind closed doors.
Fake bitch to the public: I'm going to stay a virgin until marriage and I will strive to stop world hunger.

Fake bitch behind closed doors: Screw it, I only care about myself.
by WhiteBitchHeather July 15, 2009

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A place for shoes, clothes and in most cases, homosexuals.

In order to prevent themselves from social rejection, gays make sure to lock the door after themselves and throw away the key.
WHORE1: "Geez, why is this closet locked?"
WHORE2: "I think there's someone in there. I hear masterbation."
by whitebitchheather October 21, 2009

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A girl whos talent does not exist. Mixing and pitching - that's all you can hear.
Hilary Duff before mixing and pitching: T2wO THA THHAAA%% BEEET OF MAAAH AAARTHTTH!

Hilary Duff after mixing and pitching: To the beat of my heeeeee-eeeart!
by whitebitchheather October 21, 2009

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