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A company, like any other, that is led by out-of-touch, miserable, lonely, and pathetic partners.

These partners make broad generalizations about the younger members of their company's work force who happen to have negative opinions about the lifestyle they were thrown into upon signing their offer letters. They support these generalizations by throwing about unsubstantiated facts and figures (see the "20-30%" comment and the "daddy" reference in definition 2. above) and whining to anyone who will listen that they can't figure out how to keep talented accountants.

Further proof of the fact that those at the partnership level are out of synch with those who actually do their grunt work lies in the partners' belief that the audit staff members are unable to admit to themselves that they made a mistake in choosing their profession. This is completely false. Every one of these so-called "over-achieving grads" will freely admit their mistake. But calling it a "mistake" isn't exactly fair, is it? It would be more truthful to say that they were "duped" into employment by way of empty promises, audit room war stories, and lucrative internships.

These partners continue to walk around with their heads in the clouds, making up fantastic stories to explain the parade of 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th-years walking out the Deloitte door each year. These made-up stories include, but are not limited to, impressive details about their workers desperately trying to impress "daddy", workers who didn't pay for college themselves, and workers who "do not yet realize the benefit of hard work." Again, see definition 2 above.

Deloitte staff auditors do realize the likely benefit of hard their work, and that is the crux of the problem. They know that rising stars will be rewarded with unreasonable expectations, longer hours, unhealthy lifestyles, divorces, and depression.
The pathetic Deloitter's handle above is "wassabisperm". Enough said.
by wet-behind-the-ears March 30, 2005

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