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Poorly constructed or of poor quality
This janky shirt she gave me is falling apart.
by Werd December 08, 2002
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a game played early in the morning in hotel rooms where you jump from bed to bed screaming wapata as loud as you can waking up anyone in the room or in surronding rooms
my cousin and i wapata'd the fuck outa that gay bastard brian
by werd May 26, 2004
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1. A way to say something is of excellent quality...Namely Marijuana Reefer
2. What Dave Chapelle says to describe the weed he gets from his place of employment.
1.That doobie we bought from that hippie at the Phish Show was the shiznitosnitzvansamson.
2. Dave: "This weed is the shiznitosnitsvansamson"
by werD February 21, 2005
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slang - chinese version of HOLLA
HORRA BRACK, my nirra!
by werd December 09, 2004
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sexy bitches
i got a boner from pennywise
by werd October 11, 2003
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A combination of Sketchy (dubious) and sleazy(dirty or vulgar)
That middle-aged man hanging outside the high school parking lot was majorly skeezy
by Werd December 08, 2002
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