3 definitions by welcometo221b

Someone or something that is small but in Tumblr speak.
*pats someone who is short* You beautiful smol.
by welcometo221b March 16, 2016
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Crazy ass high functioning sociopaths that will beat you with a riding crop if you insult their fandom. Prepare to be deduced.
Sherlock fan 1: Uhm hello

Other human: Psychopath Sherlock is dead

All Sherlock Fans: *appear each holding a riding crop prepared to kill*
by welcometo221b April 09, 2015
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A psychotic group of people who believe in a traveling Timelord from the planet Galifrey who travels in a police box that is bigger on the inside.
Human: Why are you wearing a bow tie?
Doctor Who fans : Because bow ties are cool *places fez on top of head*
by welcometo221b April 13, 2015
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