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Ranked 87th and 88th best town to live in during 2007 and 2009. Home to Emmaus High School, one of the richest, snobbiest, and well educated schools in the state. 70% of the school is upper-middle class or flat out loaded (all the snobs, jocks, and spoiled kids), 10% think they're ghetto cause they live on the other side of the tracks (1% of that is actually ghetto, typically originally from NY), 10% are hardcore/scene/emo/metal/hipster and the final 10% is smart kids that are poor who get scholarships to good schools and become parents to the other 70%. Has large influx in a newer population from New Jersey and New York. Mostly non-violent town, however the residents love their drugs, especially born from the 80's on, but not as bad as Salisbury and Bethlehem. Known for having good burn runs from the south of emmaus into vera cruz. Nothing ever to do, but close enough to get to Philly or NY. Cops get new cruisers or SUVs more often then rich people get new mercedes. The young population all drive Honda or VW's with fart can mufflers and race them on Lehigh st. people in emmaus like to waste money on something to make them look better than someone else.
I'm visiting family in Emmaus PA, their guest room is bigger than any room in my house/appartment.
by weeds17 December 12, 2010

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