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All freshman girls are sluts and think their very cool. They have cool parties and get very drunk and ofter to suck guys dick’s all the time. Each girl sends daily nudes to each boy and are very easy to get with. They dye there hair fake blonde and flirt with every boy possible. The freshman boys are gross and hate all the Allentown Central Catholic boys because they “apparently” steal all their girls. The sophmore girls aren’t much better. They have better parties and often try to get with the older boys. Mostly juniors. The sophomores boys are very cute and date girls in their grade. Much better than the freshman class. The junior and seniors mind their own business and are very polite and the girls aren’t hoes like the freshman and sophmore class but they do like to have there fun. Lots of fun parties full of drinking and drugs!!!
Dude 1/ Hey, I’m looking to pick up a girl to get over my last girlfriend.

Dude 2/ Try to go for a girl from emmaus high school !! There easy to get with.

Dude 1/ Your right!! I already got a hook up date with TWO of them tonight!!
by badassshit January 21, 2018
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It's the Snobby Kids School. The Sophmores are hot as hell, freshmen spoiled as fuck. Freshmen wear more heels than my mom does. And the juniors and seniors are actually sort of normal. They pop their collars and they use their daddys money to buy pot. The boys wear pink polos and about 75% of the school is preppy. The bigger the holes are in your jeans, the cooler you are. The drama is unbearable.
They throw mad hot parties, though.


I think i'll go slit my wrists now.
by **me** December 18, 2004
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