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Another way to say 'i think'. First seen in culture in William Shakespeare's play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', used by the servant Puck (you're impressed). But the worlds nerd subculture became enthralled with the term, when the term was used by Jar-Jar Binks in Star Wars I: Phantom Menace, hallowed be thy name, and is used by NORMAL PEOPLE in conversation. Sometimes used at the end of a sentence, to add an opinion (example 2).
Example 1: Methinks I'm bored.

Example 2: That's a nice arse methinks.
by wannabekilla December 13, 2010
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Term in High School when two nerds go out. Everyone is saying 'their sooooo cute', but are really looking at a seasoned Warhammer player with Dungeon Tan and a quiet girl with a backpack almost as high as her voice.
Two friends looking at nerds holding hands:

Girl says: awwwww soo cute, they make a great couple

Boy: Yeah, NERDS UNITED!!!!!!!!
by wannabekilla December 10, 2010
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