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A Tatum is a girl who is really easy to talk to. The best use for a Tatum is to bring her along on a "date" to prevent awkward silences if you're still uncomfortable with your the girl you like. She takes all the tension or awkwardness out of the "date".
"I was super nervous about my date with Jessica, but then i brought this Tatum i met at swim class along and it went really well"
by waitzsauce December 07, 2009

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A Michael Jox is a joke about Michael J. Fox (celebrity) that makes fun of the fact that he has Parkinsons Disease, which causes someone to uncontrollably shake. Usually depicted with pictures.

Structure: Michael J. Fox+Obect=Something

Originated on 4chan's infamous /b/
Jake: "Michael J. Fox+Coca Cola=Frag Grenade"

"Michael J. Fox+Fan=Tornado"

"Michael J. Fox+Shake and Bake=Breaded Chicken"

"Michael J. Fox+Hand Crank Flashlight=Light Saber"

"Michael J. Fox+Operation=Graveyard"

Amir: Man those were some hysterical Michael J. Okes!
by Waitzsauce May 21, 2009

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When you're really turned on and disgusted at the same time, and jizz/puke out of your mouth.

Coined by the College Humor staff in their video Juke as part of their All Nighter: III
Dan: "I juke whenever I watch two girls one cup"
Matt: "So do I! I mean the girls are so hot, but its so disgusting at the same time... its hard not to juke"
by waitzsauce December 11, 2009

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