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A beautiful island, which has retained its charm and character throughout the growth of its fame. The summer visitors who stay in "MV" may be in fact equally as wealthy as those staying in the flashy Hamptons, but despite popular belief the Vineyard does not have a hoity-toity feel, and residents and visitors alike are friendly and do not appear snobby. Another major difference between the Vineyard and some other wealthy beach towns is the type of people -- Martha's Vineyard is a summer getaway for old money, as opposed to the nouveau riche of The Hamptons. You'll also find that those who spend summers in MV tend to be democrats. After celebs such as Clinton and the Kenedys began vacationing on the Vineyard, the news of this charming island spread and yes, more and more tourists have arrived. However, they have managed to keep almost every chain hotel or restaurant off of the island, there are virtually zero traffic lights, and large advertising and signage is limited. The charm of Martha's Vineyard definitely remains.
I'm heading up to charming Martha's Vineyard for the summer.
by vineyardlover August 24, 2006

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