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a bong made out of a bottle of some kind, when there is nothing else to use... can be made with a hollowed pen shaft also... good times
stoner1: dude my bowl is broke
stoner2: what should we do?
stoner1: i haven't smoked out of a ghetto in like 4 years dude, get some foil , grab that pen, and lemme see your lighter... this one is gonna be fuckin sweet
by vince____ May 13, 2007

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used in place of the expression "Good one buddy" or just "Good one"
Vinny: "I'm going to put the 'PRONOUNCIATION' in the definition too."
Myro: "Its spelled 'PRONUNCIATION'".
Vinny: "What?!? I don't believe you, why would they drop the 'O'? I'm going to Google it."
(Vinny Google's it and gets upset)
Myro: "I told you dude....HAHAHA"
Vinny: (Flick's Myro off) "Buuduar dickface"
by vince____ May 13, 2007

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an expression used when someone around you does something worthy of praise... see examples...
Vinny: "Myro I'm thirsty im gonna see if we got anything to drink upstairs".
Myro: "yea im thirsty"
(vinny comes back downstairs with two glasses of iced tea cooler and two glazed chocolate doughnuts)
Vinny:"Tea for you? Tea Cooler that is... Tuna snatched some doughnuts from 7-11 you want one?"
by vince____ May 13, 2007

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