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Maltese slang for a male victim of adultery committed by his partner. Widespreadly used in Malta for offending a person.
F'oxx il-kurnut missierek, dak il-liba qarsa! - literally: in the pussy of your adultered father, that rancid semen!
by vimtoboy June 14, 2004
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Maltese slang for vulva (aka. pussy lips)
Kellha par faldi mdendlin - literally meaning: she had a great pair of dangling pussy lips
by vimtoboy June 14, 2004
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Maltese word for Christian Host used in Roman Catholic mass as the body of Christ. The word is used nationwide as a means of highlighting one's feeling, especially during heated arguments.
Il-ostja Madonna!! - Holy host Madonna!! (similar meaning to 'holy shit!!')

Ha taghlqu dak l-ostja bieb?! - will you close that fucking door?!

x'il-ostja qed tghid, ja pufta! - What the fuck are you saying, you fag!
by vimtoboy June 14, 2004
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Maltese meaning for penis. Immensely applied by Maltese citizens for insulting one another.
zobb f'oxx kemm ghandek! - literally: a penis in the vagina of all your living and dead relatives!

Intik zobb f'sormok !!!! - literally: I'll give you a penis in your ass!! (used when a person resists doing a particular action)
by vimtoboy June 14, 2004
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