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n. A game. Can be played by 2 - infinite number of players. One rule: usually employed at the natural end of dialogue or conversation, any player who says ‘okay bye’ first and then hangs up or leaves the room etc., wins.

In order to attain maximum effect, delivery of 'okay bye' must be extremely quick followed by immediate hang up/departure. When emailing, 'okay bye' should be spelt as one word -okaybye- to indicate the hasty delivery usually employed when speaking.
Mav: Must be time for me to call it a night I think.

Max: Good call. Okaybye. *leaves room instantly*
by vicarsdaughter July 16, 2006
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writing and speaking in acronyms, often personalised and familiar to a small group of people.
Marge: So Wally says to me, like, "I heard that you and Shirl talk in code?", and I go, like "Ya. That's so 'acronymatic' code to you!"

Shirl: Ha! Like, that is SO nosey. S2S (snickers to self). Did you hear from Trev already?

Marge: I SO did. D'you know he had the cheek to tell me that he so didn't want me seeing anyone else even though, it was like, HE broke it off with ME? I was like WTF? (what the fuck)

Shirl: God, some guys are such jerk offs. And, like, what did you say to that?

Marge: I told him to rack off.

Shirl: You are SHRN. (so hot right now)

Marge: Ya! And he is SGRN. (so gay right now)

Shirl: LYWM (love your work Marge)
by vicarsdaughter June 20, 2006
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a response to any phrase or word that can have a secondary meaning, usually sexual in nature.
Music Director to choir: It's important, while singing, that we all look at each other's parts.

V - V - V - VICAR.
by vicarsdaughter June 10, 2006
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