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The language of fangirls also known as "fantard speak."

Also known as the bastardization of the English language involving their own twist on internet speak. You can find them mostly on fan sites, music forums (predominantly in JRock forums, like Batsu), and fangirl blog entries.

The most popular words often used in fanglish are, "zomg," "squee," "lulz," "flailing," "glomping," and "nosebleed." Most of these words are usually started with an asterisk (*), following the word, and closing with an asterisk. Some prefer using parentheses instead.

Prime examples in using fanglish are the following:

"zomg that new PV of alice nine. made me squee with joy."

"That video made me lulz big time."

"i glomp you so hard for uploading the new photo shoot of (insert JRock band here)."
There they go using fanglish again.

Let's start speaking fanglish and spaz out! 8D
by vendettaonfangirls January 23, 2009
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