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Jewish (Yiddish) word for Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands.
I've never been lost in Mokum
('k ben nooit in Mokum mijn weg kwijt)
by veleveleappeltjes December 18, 2004

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Informal British expression meaning 'to kill', usually (but not always) as an act of suicide.
Whatever happened to John?
He topped himself last year. Poor guy.
by veleveleappeltjes February 20, 2005

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Now a somewhat old-fashioned, quaint and/or humorous word for a person, usually moderated with the evaluative 'good' or 'bad'.
The owners of that venue are such good eggs.

I don't trust him. The others are okay, but he's a bad egg.
by veleveleappeltjes March 15, 2005

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