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A flying vehicle that can be used by anyone if knowing how to use it.
A paramotor is made out of engines that require fuel to make it fly, it has a rotor in the back of your seat and you are in a open area
It also has a parachute on top so you don't fall.
A popular youtuber named Tucket Gott has some videos of him flying the paramotor.
Tucker Gott flew to a supermarket with a paramotor.
by urbanils December 9, 2018
A symbol to make people fall for your trap... Goteem..
Person 1: Look at this!
Person 2: ??
Person 1: Uses the special ok hand symbol
Person 1: Goteem
Person 2: idoit
by urbanils November 9, 2018
Noob = A new player, lots of ROBLOX players dont know what noob means, they should check the dictionary!
*New player joins the game in a game with pro players*
Pro: lol noob
Noob: We all were noobs
by urbanils September 16, 2018
whsf = typing the word "what" fast which results that you may type sometimes "whsf"
Person 1: i lost my account
Person 2: whsf
by urbanils May 29, 2018
In King Of The Hill games, when just one player focuses on the hill and others just fight enemies
Person 1: Did you realize that we won so quickly?
Person 2: Yeah, thanks to the king of the point
by urbanils September 23, 2018
ReverseWooosh is when you understand the joke but you still write something dumb
Person 1: Elon Musk is a CGI
Person 2: no
Person 1: r/woooosh¨
Person 2: Be careful next time, r/reversewoooosh >:)
by urbanils October 5, 2018
When you are playing a game but then go to Discord or youtube and literally forget about the game you're playing
by urbanils September 23, 2018