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A drug. Do not take homework if you are: Smart, Stupid, Fat, Skinny, Happy, Sad, High, Drunk, or Depressed. Side Effects may make you: Geeky, Nerdy, Retarded, Stupid, Fat, Smelly, Dumb. Deaths have been reported. Ask your doctor if you're healthy enough to take Homework. Homework is not for everyone, including those with a life. Do not take homework if you cannot sit for more than 20 seconds. Isn't it time you tried homework?

Homework. A Million Problems, No Solutions
guy1: "dude, i overdosed on homework last night and i'm soo tired right now."

guy2: "YOU WHAT?!?! you know homework should be taken with caution. did you ask your dr. if you were smart enough to take "homework"?

guy1: "No. I thought it wouldn't do anything to me. Look at me now tho, I'm a nerd, drug addict, idiot and really fat all at the same time."
guy2: "last time i overdosed on homework i fell asleep in the middle of biology!"
by urb15 February 26, 2009
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One of the world's greatest comedians. He is the world's greatest comedian and if you don't agree, then you have no sense of humor. He makes the funniest jokes and we can all relate to them, well, most of them ;)
guy 1 : "Dewd, i just saw dane cook at the theatre last friday and he was hysterical!!!!"
guy 2: "Louis C.K. is way better.This is why they say don't drink while pregnant"

guy 1: "your retarded. Dane cook rules."

guy 2: "if you had a sense of humor and a brain, which you obviously don't, you'd realize how dumb you sound. Louis C.K. is much better. go away."
by urb15 February 24, 2009
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A friend that's last on your list of friends. A Fall Back Friend usually is the go-to friend when none of your other friends are available. This type of friend usually is irritating and shows up at the worst times and says stupid things. this kind of friend hangs out with all of your other friends and ruins good conversations. Also, you don't know why you have his/her number on your phone since you would never call him/her. The fall back friend always asks to go with you to places when your going out with all your other friends
dude 1 : "Hey guys, we're chillen at mike's after school! john's bringing the drinks and steve's bringin the food"
Fall Back Friend : "Can i come too??"
dude 1: "uhm, its kinda gonna be crowded."
fall back friend: "i don't care"
dude 1: *sigh* "ugh, alright, just don't bug us."
fall back friend: "Gee, Thats swell! I can't wait! I'll Bring my entire deck of pokemon cards and we can play all night!"
dude 1 : "no you're not."
fall back friend: "Why not?"
Dude1 : "CUZ I SAID SO! now stfu"
by urb15 March 2, 2009
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