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The act of repeating something. Can be used on the internet to take someone to a link to the definition, where it will be done over and over and over again, like this. Repetition
Dude, the repetition of the song lyrics today make me want to make my own band and make good music.

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Skrrt Skrrt is to be used when one is in deep shite, and should be used with the phrase "out of here" or "to ____"
Also used by serveral rappers in their rap songs.
Or its a verbal tic
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o shid is a word used for little kids on COD or in real life so they can sound cool or idiotic like their sense of humor.
o shid i tink dat i didn do meh hoemwark boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

o shid reali? o shid u betr do it now
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An emotional quotient is the level of one's emotional intelligence, which honestly makes no sense, why does one need to know emotion? it's better to stay in playing call of duty or whatever the craftblox or something is called.
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