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A fake liberal. A fiberal thinks they know what they are talking about but they just repeat the same shit the New York Times, CNN, or any other liberal media outlet tells them to. They tend to care more about political correctness than what liberalism is all about, which is exactly what it sounds like: liberty. they are really into censorship of any kind. They cannot explain complex concepts of politics and economics because they just don't know enough about it. 100% of them are dumb cunts. Although the word "fiberal" contains the word "fib", fiberals actually believe the shit they say.
fiberal: Communism isn't a form of national socialism! Social darwism isn't darwism! Censorship is wrong, unless it's of something that's mean and evil, like the Bible! Natural selection doesn't exist, because nature would never be that mean to poor little animals! Welfare is constitutional and isn't unfair in any way!

regular person: What a retard...
by unnpy July 10, 2008

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to move your company overseas to Germany, to escape the inflation of the US dollar. also you are near countries that allow you to launder your money so it's isn't taxed by the Feds.
While other companies are outsourcing their workers to china, my company KRAUTsourced by moving the HQ to Germany.
by unnpy June 30, 2009

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