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A town 70 miles west of Albuquerque, was once known for as the Uranium Mining Capital of the world and now is known for the teen mom capital of the world. Its a place where by the age of 16-25 you'll have 3 kids from three different guys in which the mother is still shady about who they are, and the babies are all goverment supported. Where the best place to hang out when your in high school and shitfaced, is the riverwalk with the native americans, and you'll casually pass out under a bridge or on a park bench. The Allsups Honch is the drink of choice among high schoolers. Its usually filled with vodka and and a soft drink of some sort and by the time your 20 you'll have at least one DWI. The schools teach you nothing including your times tables, spelling, and basic math such as, divison muplication, and adding. Everyone uses the term 'Eh' after a sentence. Everyone has a Staring problem. There are two main bars and both have many 'swamp donkeys' lurking around. If your even slightly weathly i.e 350,000 annual income, you and your children will act like your shit dosent stink. There is no where to shop except Wal Mart and Bealls and are frequently out of sizes Large and Xtra large. if your caught in a scandal of any sort such as, divorce, cheating, sexual favors, STDS, DWI, battery, Drugs harder weed, or got someone pregnant, everyone will know by the end of the week.

Its a shithole that if your born here and leave, you always get dragged back.
Friend: " Have you been to Grants, New Mexico?
Friend 2: "yeah I was there last week seeing my 10 kids"

Grants Dude: " I was all fuckin hammered Eh"
Dude2: "Your from Grants, New Mexico arent you."

Person 1: Where you going on your Vacation?"
Person 2: "Grants, New Mexico"
Person 2: "WTF??? Why??"
by unknowngtowner February 25, 2011
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