Hey, that's the shirt I got you from Bealls for Good Friday.
by RamboLurch November 12, 2009
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A dyslexic gay boi who enjoys being illiterate and sipping cum smoothies
Wyatt Beall: I am the head writer at Dylexic Keelwy and i suck FAT CHODE
by Big Joj Boy October 14, 2019
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Bealls kids all buy their shirts from Bealls which is synonymous for having those dumb shirts that say 'If I throw a stick will you go away' or 'Sister for sale' that think they're funny, but truly aren't. They wear the same pants everyday, or switch off pants every week. They are poster children ugly Vans that you wouldn't be caught dead skateboarding in. All other shirts that don't have a dumb pun on the front were obviously bought from their mother. They wear backpacks that aren't normal like a camo one or a bright orange one, not your typical jansport backpack. They've been known to wear necklaces that they think make them look hardass.
'Dude did you see that bealls kid hanging around the auditorium steps'
'Yeah the one with the 'I see stupid people' shirt?'
by louis dink February 3, 2008
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In Frostburg or the burg. Arguably the greatest high school around till it got torn down and its students sent 100 feet north to Mountain Ridge High School which is a prison
Gotta love Beall High School. The football, the women, the parties, and the laid back atmosphere all come together to make high school at least tolerable.
by Stay Cool August 19, 2008
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A Beall is quite a stunning figure, tall and actually is handsome. His wit is as sharp as shark teeth and his teeth are as white as a albino rat. A Beall’s mind is like a powerful magician that enraptures you in a whirlwind of awe and confusion. He is one sturdy fellow but does not wear those things called beanies. A Beall is the best friend you could every have and only fights on the good side.
Beall - “He the best around , nothing’s ever going keep him down.”
by BrackishBorg May 16, 2021
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