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The kind of sex that happens in a tight space; you can also have trouble breathing during this time. Places where you can have coffin sex include closets, small bathrooms, dressing rooms, etc.
A: I had coffin sex with my girlfriend the other night.
B: It must've been pretty tight, then. Where'd it happen?
A: In the bedroom closet at my parents' house.
by un-named August 29, 2006

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The college that you'll most likely not get into unless you work yourself to death at school.
Nick: Hey, Ed.
Ed: Yeah?
Nick: Did you get your letter back from Harvard yet?
Ed: Nope. I'll bet I didn't get in.
Nick: Why not?
Ed: 'Cause my college letter sucked and my SAT scores and GPA could've been a little higher
by un-named August 11, 2006

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A joke that disses about yo momma's fatness, stupidity, how ugly she is, etc.
Here are two yo momma jokes:

Yo mama's so old that the last time she got laid she used a dinosaur-skin condom.

Yo mama's so dirty that I had phone sex with her and got an ear infection.
by un-named August 20, 2006

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