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Uhlenbrauck was a god in the earliest years of civilisation.
God of being lucky with the ladies and having the art of lying. Throughout his life he was offered virgins and alcohol by those who worshiped him. Studies of ancient scripture claims he is the lost apostle and was known for his enormous penis.
He was overthrown and killed by the vicious ice queen. Though today he is still remebered by those blessed with his name. One who is blessed recieves the same powers as Uhlenbrauck once had.

The term uhlenbrauck is used today in english to describe one's ability to lie and get lucky with the ladies.
"yo im going to pull an uhlenbrauck tonight!"
"you're going have to summin a uhlenbrauck on that one"
"WOW he has like an uhlen-sausage"
"that uhlenbrauck kid can spit game!"
" I can get more since im a lyons-uhlenbrauck"
see lyons
by uhlenbrauck February 04, 2005

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