4 definitions by twavis

1) A word made up by a man with a less than average brain who resides somewhere Guyana which has taken Facebook by storm as to how stupid some people can be.
2) A Word now used to describe the stupidity that comes out some person's mouth.
1) There is no such word as Confuction-Nonsense.
2) You talking a whole bunch of Confuction-Nonsense.
by twavis January 22, 2020
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A facial Expression used mostly by female and little kids but also men to try get what ever they want..(its done by puffin one lip over the other into a frown)
kid: mom can i have cookie?
mom: no, u'll spoil your dinner
kid: *Pouts*
mom: ok just one, but dont let dad see
dad: hey how come he gets a cookie?, I want one
mom: ah no... and he's a kids thats why
dad: *pout*
mom: aww don't worry i have something better for you later....
dad: ;D
by twavis February 22, 2010
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Another term used to define Oral Sex..
origin: A kid who one day got his girlfriend to give him head in the back of the library..
Student 1: Dude I got Brains yesterday from you know who..
Student 2: No way... where?
Student 1: The back of the College Library...
Student 2: (o_O) how Ironic...
by twavis February 22, 2010
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A slang use to descibe someone who acts up tight, anti-social, like their better than everyone else.
I asked her to come party with us but she was acting stooch.
by twavis March 8, 2009
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