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when the government and everyone around you tries to convince you that you're crazy!!! the word originates from the truman show (surprisingly not a show but a movie about a fake show where truman is convinced by the people around him that he is crazy if you haven't seen it). the most common sign of being trumanized is when your mom disowns you for thinking australia isn't real. stay safe out there anti-truman-nolegable-thinkers (ATNT) and remember you're not alone ❤️
my uncle, who was just removed from jail and held captive in my family's basement for three weeks, was trumanized by my mom and no longer believes that australia is a lie!!! the haggard old witch has done it again!!
by trumanizedcaptive November 6, 2022
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when the government tries to convince you that you're "saving" time during daylight "savings" time. the true lions will rise and not kiss big uncle sam's feet!! the goverment is taking our time away at our prime and then giving it back with a little bow on it!! they are trumanizing us all!! wake up sheeple.
Daylight "Savings" Time is the spawn of all earthy evil. We should rename it Government Time Change Time (GTCT), rise now warriors of time!!
by trumanizedcaptive November 6, 2022
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