3 definitions by trubutlameboy

a sexy godess

who is a most of the time a leo feminist and loving sometimes cracks unusual jokes and uses emoji's alot a typical genZ many people dont like her but many do
omg ur such a maaha
by trubutlameboy May 31, 2022
a funny simple minded friend which can be annoying sometimes but means good most of the time
omg man ur such a demin
by trubutlameboy April 12, 2022
a atheltic kid, who most of the time is quite funny and fun to be around but can be very annoying at sometimes, can be abusive jokingly around his friends, quite good looking too he pulls alot of bitches, and is good at any sport or video game, he can be dumb most of the time but if he tries he can really be kind of smart. A shane is A good freind in the end to be around
PS: Shanes love faith
Did u hear Shane won the race and kissed faith after winning it.
by trubutlameboy June 27, 2022