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what andy harglesis is
guy 1: yo did you see that crazy 13andincrediblycut/andy harglesis guy spamming on weight lifting vids again? hes everywhere

guy 2: yeah but hes a sad loser ... a troll ... thats what andy harglesis is
by troll hater May 04, 2012

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Fear of driving over bridges due to the belief that trolls live underneath them.
I screamed as I drove over the bridge because of my troll phobia
by Troll hater August 22, 2012

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A misspelling of procrastinating usually typed by internet trolls.
Mozilla is going in the wall by proscrinating Firefox 4 every week. At least four month in late and hard competition to face with Explorer 9 and Chrome 10
by Troll Hater December 08, 2010

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