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An insult/descripton of someone of a hispanic origin.
"Carlos? Yeah, that's the puta, right?"
by Troll November 29, 2004

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A forum truly consisting of butthurt children, they have made a thread about the definitions on this page. To add to TheLulz's list of trolling these guys:

-Link this page to the RPG Codex and watch the freaks come out of their holes.

The RPG Codex's only real recognition will be that they donated some money towards Divinity Original Sin alongside the RPG Watch. They're proud that they appear in the skippable intro that nobody ever watches, as if anyone cares about their shitty little forum.
The RPG Codex, a forum used by kicked-out newfags from /v/ who are too retarded for /b/.

Judging by the downvotes on the other definitions here, some fags from the Codex are butthurt.
by tROLL August 22, 2014

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A slang word for Ribena, the most refreshing drink in the world.
"Yo, whilst you're up, get us some ribs!"
by Troll November 29, 2004

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