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A var. form of the word "another". used generally in the construction trades to request, or determine the need for, additional materials. As an adjective, it modifies the given item. See example as it relates to the cement block.
A mason's tender wonders if his mason needs an additional cement block. He calls out to the mason, "nurn?". The mason replies "nurn". Indicating he needs an additional block.
by Triplettt August 07, 2010

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A person who lives in the suburbs
Oh, I see you left the City to become a 'burbanite.
by Triplettt October 06, 2016

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Chuckling Quietly To Myself
Used in lieu of LOL in E-communications, as that seems just a little insane when you're alone. It also connotates mild amusement, derision, irony or "I told you so".
I read your post that you're dating Sue again, I knew you'd go back with her. CQTM
by Triplettt August 21, 2010

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