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When a combination of one or more people, animals, individuals, groups, items, blueprints, insects, etc... is/are in an especially uncomfortable situation which has (basically?) no way out.

The antonym of tightly-knit.
Had we obeyed Our Lady and allowed Saint Pope Pius X to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, we wouldn't have gotten to know the product of a tightly-woven family - the leader who bombed a certain location in USA-zip-code 96818.

Had the supposed composer of the Minuet in G not married his cousin (who then proceeded to die at the ripe "old" age of 35), the star of the movie Ama Deus wouldn't have gotten himself into such a tightly-woven booze-fueled job-situation, resulting in his body getting thrown into a common grave at the same age.

Had the supposed composer of the Minuet in G not married his cousin (who then proceeded to die at the "ripe" old age of 35), the father of the composer of Moonlight Sonata, Pathetique Sonata, Fur Elise, his 9th Symphony Ode to Joy, and the inspiration for a disco instrumental named after drinking, which sold two million copies when released around 1976 as a single, while the album sold about 750,000 copies, probably wouldn't have fallen into a drinking problem, likely at the same age.
by tripleFfactoryWerkor January 1, 2022
the main peek-of-frustration side-effect of the early-to-mid-70s lack of technology.
No wonder Dad had two abortions back in the day. A responsible drinker, at never more than a couple of beers per day, with all the pranks pulled on him from every direction, man-made problems that could have easily been solved via a SmartPhone with data, let alone yer basic flip or slider, it's not that big a surprise he reached the level of resorting to heavy porn.
by tripleFfactoryWerkor July 8, 2020
...comes across to this uneducated individual, due to first-hand experience from their 110% urban street life, like...
Seems like Sammy's Italian deli, several blocks down, is closed, even though it's Thursday afternoon. Can't quite make it out from this here 'partment. 'S rainin' cats 'n dogs. Don't got no inernet, m'phone's dead, powr's out (@ least on my block), so i can't pull up no day'is number, don't got no paper wit no coupons, dunno Sam's address, 'n don't got nobody comin in or out willin'a search 'im on dey 'is phone.
by tripleFfactoryWerkor April 9, 2020