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The act of being utterly dominated; either verbally, physically, or intellectually by Bryan Cranston aka. Walter White aka. Heisenberg.
Holy shit......Gus actually got Heisenberged for once. That Walter White is mean.
by trevortheclever May 18, 2010
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(noun)Someone who wants to be a hippy, but is a poser (fake hippy). Usually obsessed with the Grateful Dead and hippie jam festivals, these specimen range anywhere from 17 years old to 25. These people think they are from the sixties and usually are involved in lots of psychodelic drug use. You can spot them out by their ripped jeans and tye dye shirts, probably bare foot as well.
Hey Michael, look over there, that fippie is trying to make another drum circle.
by TrevorTheClever December 26, 2008
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