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A heterosexual woman who is often mistaken for a lesbian. A woman who likes men but also happens to enjoy a vegan diet, loves intramural sports, and hates wearing make-up. The term was coined by New York comedian Rachael Parenta.
Stephanie loved playing flag football and hiking on weekends but she had trouble finding a boyfriend until her best friend pointed out that she was kind of a granolasexual.
by toysrdave October 16, 2010

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A homosexual male that is not interested in fashion, culture, or Broadway musicals but instead has more characteristics of a lesbian.

Examples) A gay man that wears Jesus sandals and doesn't bathe often. A gay man with a vegan diet, or a PETA membership. A gay man who is often mistaken as straight until he begins speaking.
Although Steve lived in Chelsea and often wore an "I'm Gay" t-shirt, people usually thought he was straight because of his Williamsburg-hippie style and dirty, untrimmed, beard, so he wasn't shocked to hear the other Chelsea boys call him a granolagay.
by toysrdave October 16, 2010

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An honest, and fashionable friend that you trust to go shopping with. Someone who will go to Bloomingdales with you at all hours of the day for good sales, and believes that with the right attire even you can be a sexy biatch.
Bloomingdales is having a killer after Christmas sale on Friday, I need to call my bloommate, John, and see if he's off. He's the only person I trust to help me pick out bras.
by toysrdave December 29, 2010

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