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A hilarious show involving five unique characters:

Ted: The main character of the show. He tells his kids the story of how he met their mother. Meaning that the entire show is in the past.

Marshall: The lovable character who always knows what to say.

Lilly: Marshall's fiance. crazy but hilarious and cute all the same.

Barney: The heart of the show. Unbelievably creepy and sex addicted. but definitely the funniest character out there. Kind of like Kramer was in Seinfeld.

Robin: An independent and beautiful woman. The entire first season is about Robin and Ted's "undiscovered love" for each other.
Scene From How I Met Your Mother:

Barney: Then we're gonna meet some ladies, It's gonna be legendary!
Ted: Don't say "legendary" your too liberal with the word "legendary".
Flashback to Barney at Ted's door in a snow suit:
Barney: Ted! we're building an igloo in central park! It's gonna be Legendary! Snow suit up!
Ted slams door in Barney's face.
by Tom Bensley September 20, 2007

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to be unable to experience pleasure
anhedonic guy: this sucks
other guy: thats just because your anhedonic
by tom bensley August 28, 2007

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anhidonic-cant enjoy anything
person-this isnt very fun...

person2-thats because your an anhidonic bastard!
by tom bensley August 25, 2007

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