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word used to indicate that u are from aberdeen maryland
damn girl ur such a deen head
by tmatma May 22, 2008

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located in harford county marylandif u live here u are an official deen head sorry kids, yea we call it aberdump but its our home and if u mess wit us we will defend our city with our life, we might see hookers posted out on 40 all of the time but were so used to it we deen heads dont kno anything else and if u live in aberdeen than franks pizza is the place to be
even if uve had it ten thousand times u cant get enough of it hearing cannons go off in apg is just an everyday thing wit us
so dont get bothered by it
aberdeen is the best city in the world
damn girl u such a deen head
so where do u live???.....aberdeen
oh you mean aberdump
by tmatma May 22, 2008

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