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Possibly the worst actress ever. She is most known for playing Bella Swan in the Twilight movies(which she completely ruined with her pathetic acting). She has also been in: Catch that Kid, The Messengers, and Panic Room. She is boring and emotionless. She puts no effort into her character and performance and doesn't deserve her job. She's just taking up room in the acting industry when there could be actual talented people in her spot.
person 1: Did you see twilight?
person2: yeah but Kristen Stewart wrecked it with her boring and pathetic performance
person1:Tell me about it. I don't understand why anyone hires her. She sucks!
by tink08 December 20, 2009
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A new Disney comedy starring Demi Lovato as Sonny. It's about her living her dream as part of the cast of So Random, her favorite tv show. There's a rivalry cast, which is the cast of Mckenzie Falls which is a drama and they think they are better than the So Random kids because they act in a drama and So Random just does comedy skits. It also has Tiffany Thornton and Sterling Knight in it. Yes it's probably just another Disney show trying to make Demi Lovato a huge start somehow, but the difference is that this show is actually funny unlike Hannah Montana.
person 1: Have you watched Sonny with a Chance?
person 2: Yeah it was actually kinda funny
person 1: Yeah it's so much better than Hannah Montana
by tink08 December 29, 2009
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