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w00t is an expression of joy or success
such as: "w00t! i won the lottery"

This idea comes from people thinking w00t is a l337ified version of what and w00t stands for what in a question form: "What!? i won the lottery!!"

It originated from "we owned other team"... 'own' generally means to prevail over something

these kind of phrases originated from games such as counter-strike and unreal tournament, nobody is sure of their true origin.

l337 speak itself came from the idea of using numbers and symbols to replace letters so that illegalities could not be found through searches: Hacker became h4xx0r

l337 speak has changed and everybody has their own versions
OMG w00t!!
OMG w00t!!
OMG w00t!!
OMG w00t!!
OMG w00t!!
OMG w00t!!
OMG w00t!!
by timittytim June 21, 2005
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Chapsticks for noobs

^Evolution of Terms^ see:

*DSFCHOOT is spectating a group of hostage campers
|BHD| DSFCHOOT: OMFG!! what a bunch of f00kin camper lamers

*RCCSTEBB sees this and adds his contribution
|BHD| RCCSTEBB: Rofl Kartoffel! loosors FTW! Kthxbai

*DSFCHOWE concludes
|BHD| DSFCHOWE: napsticks
by timittytim April 7, 2006
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Abbreviateion for: "Ready Team Fire Assist"

RTFA is a military term for a 4 man squad formation that offers 360 degree cover.

Ready: Rifleman (Any Rifle Mid to Long range Rifle)

Team: Squad Leader (Often a midrange weapon such as m16, diamaco C7 or SA80)

Fire: Support Expert (Usually With a SAW squad automatic weapon)

Assist: Assistant Gunner (Equipped with an LMG or Heavy Rfle/Grenade launcher Combo)

This formation is used in modern warfare, and tends to be performed in a Box formation (2 covering flank and rear and 2 covering front)it has porved to be vital to the survival of soldiers.
The Squad Is Using RTFA
On A 4-way junction
by timittytim April 8, 2006
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