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The culture consisting of:
- DeeJay-ing
- Emcee-ing
- Breakdancing
- Graffiti Art

Don't get this confused with the bullshit you hear on mainstream radios and tv stations.
I've written down, IMO, the 5 greatest artists of their category

Hip-hop artists today (2000s)
1)Immortal Technique
3)Mos Def
5)Talib Kweli
others include: Canibus, Cage, Brother Ali ...

Hip Hop artists - 90s
1)Big L
others include: Ice Cube, Chino XL, Jadakiss, Big Pun, Busta Rhymes, Aceyalone ...

Old School Hip-Hop
3)Freddie Foxxx
4)Big Daddy Kane
5)Kool G Rap
others include: LL Cool J, Masta Ace, Slick Rick, Ras Kass ...

All Groups/Duos (in no particular order, just really good groups of all eras)
-Wu-Tang Clan (i didn't mention any of the members in solo artists becuase it would be too hard
-N.W.A (same thing as the Wu-Tang clan)
Beastie Boys, Run D.M.C, Outerspace, The Roots, Mobb Deep, Gang Starr, Cypress Hill, Little Brother ...

There are much more but these are the ones i think are necessary to be on this list

btw. the top 2 artists on each of the lists are in my opinion the greatest ever.
Don't get sucked into the stuff u hear being hyped up so much in the media. These are real hip-hop musicians and this is what hip-hop should be.

Hip-pop: 50 cent (always top of this list), Jay-Z (he might have deserved to be in the real-hip-hop list but he was so quick to sell out), Nelly, Chingy, T.I, Snoop Dogg (don't get me wrong he's good but he has no mic skills at all and he sold out), Bow wow and theres heaps more, just basically anything claimed 'hip-hop' on radio or tv.
and RnB is not hip-hop at all
by timetoplaythegame April 20, 2006
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