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Spoken by southern farmers, and northern southern farmer wannabes, this term is used to show approval of something. It is a synonym for yes, or O.K. Also can be accompanied with a fake (or authentic) southern accent.
Will you come here please?

Yeer. Give me a second.
by thomas trapp January 11, 2009
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To swastikate is to draw a swastika, a Nazi symbol, in an undesirable location. Such as a notebook, forehead, W2 form.
Is that a swastika on your paper?!

Yes. My immature fascist friend swastikated that paper earlier.
by thomas trapp January 14, 2009
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To heil oneself is to mimic this action that originates from the 2005 movie, "The Producers." The character portraying a very flamboyant Adolf Hitler lavishes praise upon himself when sings "Heil Myself."
I'm so great! Heil Myself!
by thomas trapp December 26, 2009
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