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1. A psychologically-induced trance-like state, where a person may regress from a stressful situation. A person may go to their 'happy place' when trying to repress unhappy memories from their childhood.

2. A person whom is resting & de-stressing from work.
1. "Oh, look at little Jonny. He's in his happy place. Poor kid's been through a lot." Though, Jonny remains depressed.

2. "Susan is at her happy place again." But really, Susan is contemplating killing everyone at her workplace.
by thisisevidence March 05, 2010

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1. Rambling (pronounced "rambling”) it’s a, best described as, kinda. Um, you know; when you do, like, talk & stuff for things, I mean about things, lol. It’s about how you can talk about things to talk about, not for things, huh? That could have sounded bad. Haha, lucky I’ve cleared that up... So, alright. When people or ‘persons’ are rambling on, they can have a lot of trouble maintaining concentration on their own conversation, which could be really hard for other people to read. Not to all people, but many, but not all. Like this one guy I knew from high school. He sorta really didn’t talk much, but when he did talk, it was a bit confusing to try & understand & follow what he was trying to, um, like, make you understand what he was trying to understand. And you felt really bad asking him to repeat. So you had to listen really hard & try to get everything first time, but if not you could just nod accordingly when he looked at you.
So, um. Yer! I think that’s everything covered.

2. Uhhhh, dunno. Not really that sure.
1. huh? Why are you rambling aimlessly?
2. Hmm, okay. Thanks for not rambling aimlessly.
by thisisevidence March 05, 2010

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1. Death
2. Taxes
In life, two things are inevitable: Death & Taxes. Everyone has you pay for their life.
by thisisevidence March 16, 2010

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Aweomsness, is a typographical error of the word Awesomeness (pronounced: "Awesome"+"ness")

It is commonly sighted in online messaging services such as Windows Live Messenger (MSN) when someone is emphatically expressing their emotions about a certain event or object.
JOHN: Did you see how fast that supercharged commy was going down the main street last night???

FRED: shiz yerr zomg tht was friggen aweomsness!!!1
by thisisevidence March 06, 2010

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“Wow, prejudice” is a person’s reaction to an offensive comment from someone who has made an extremely superficial judgment without any care of consideration or thought for the facts. These comments can be in regards to such things as race, social class, gender, ethnicity, age, or disability.

The recipient of the offensive gesture observes the abruptness & shallowness of the comment and replies with the words, “Wow, prejudice” and moves on.
Person1: "Hey, look at the f**king ranga"
recipient: "Wow, prejudice."
by thisisevidence March 16, 2010

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