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ipods are not that bad. they are easy to use and the itunes jukebox is extremely user friendly. they are pretty expensive and the headphones suck but there are pros and cons to everything. i havent had one problem with my ipod and im on windows. and not everyone buys a 10000 song ipod and puts 50 songs on it or wears the stupid white headphones even though there are rich kids who buy them as a status enhancer. also, i ahvent had one problem with mine and im on windows. i have never used a creative or iriver, and im thinking that alot of these people who say their mp3 players are better have never used an ipod, so i dont have anything to compare with but i really like my ipod.
i can tell you right now that ipods suck even though i have never touched one.
by theyrenotthatbad September 05, 2005
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