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Similar name to the Greek goddess of love; name of a sacred cave; a hott person with great personality and looks; usually named for a person with silky hair; makes a passionate, caring, and extremely loving mate; used to describe an all around beautiful and pretty girl with natural looks and facial features; attracts all the guys attentions when she speaks and is actually funny with her sense of sarcasm; people with this name are usually good makeup artists, philosophers, models, scientists, or stand up comedians; name used on girls with gorgeous and stunning smiles
I desire to be like Hira because whenever she walks in everybody stops talking and stares at her extravagant beauty. She has impeccable looks like Kim k and her body in slim and perfect like a model.
by TheWISEone July 12, 2015
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awbarn is the cow college in the eastern part of alabama.
hey yall,i'm gonna go to awbarn so i kan learn to milk cows.
by thewiseone May 01, 2005
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