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Band based out of College Park Maryland, with Ryan Mentzos on vocals, keyboard and guitar, Steve Miscolczi on drums, and Sean McCamman on Bass.

They are a talented group who pull from bands like The Graduate, Brand New, The Sophomore Attempt, The Early November, Taking Back Sunday, Say Anything, Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Relient K, Death Cab For Cutie, Kevin Devine, Northstar

Say what you want but Northbrook kicks ass!!!!
by thewhosa November 10, 2009
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Megasexuals are characterized as people who lack emotional connection toward any person or persons unless they first form a strong sexual connection with someone. The opposite of a Demisexual.
I feel like we really get along well, but I can't commit to a relationship until we have sex. I'm a megasexual.
by thewhosa June 10, 2015
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