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A person who is of a higher life form than most feeble humans. They literally demand respect. All of their actions are aimed at consolidating their place as the top dog, and these actions are conducted in the smoothest manner possible.
Bosses often deny the fact that they are boss, but know in their hearts that they are. They are always winning.
The clothing of these men/women usually includes a classy, fitted Hugo Boss outfit.
Ari entered the room and everyone fell silent. They realised that they were in the presence of a true boss.
by theurbanfiend October 26, 2011

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An important occasion or business venture, which involves alcohol.
Last Saturday night I had an important beersness meeting.
by theurbanfiend June 21, 2011

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A hybrid of two phrases:

1. DTF (down to fuck)

2. FIFA 12

When used together the phrase now represents the question:
"Down to FIFA 12?"
Steven: "I'm bored."

Michael: "Me too."

Steven: "DTF12?"

Michael: *considers for 0.0001 seconds* "Sure!"
by theurbanfiend October 03, 2011

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