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A woman with an unusually bad temper; a bitch; or a man who unjustly takes out his anger on others. Term thought to be derived from the idea that you can hear a thundercunt coming from far away, whereas a cunt is...well....just a cunt.
"Watch out, here comes that thundercunt!" cunt
by theultimatedestroyer August 27, 2010
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A verb, an almost exact approximation of meaning is the phrase "seems like", the only variance is that it may also be used to describe taste, e.g. "this coffee smacks of cinnamon".
This guy smacks of moldy diarrhea", "This haircut smacks of lame", "My balls smack of gross--and just smack period
by theultimatedestroyer September 2, 2010
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Similar to a "lightbulb moment", a brain egg is when you have an insight--preferably if you aren't trying for insight.
Jimmy Jim Jon: Dude!
Bocefus: What dude, what is it?
Jimmy Jim Jon: I just had a brain egg dude, we don't need explosives we'll just use.....
by theultimatedestroyer September 12, 2010
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Beat down by the world and it's woes, trials, and tribulations; poor or impoverished; oppressed. Almost always used to describe a person or group of people in a truly sad state of things.
That guy doesn't seem simply out of luck, he seems downtrodden
by theultimatedestroyer September 2, 2010
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