2 definitions by thestupidsoul

That store that a lot of teen girls shop at. Lacks diversity, basically, only white girls shop there. Known for the body-shaming "One size fits all" which is actually "One size fits small" everything is also cropped, thin and overpriced
That shirt looks really cropped, she must've gotten it from Brandy Melville.
by thestupidsoul January 5, 2021
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The kind of guy to be shy at first but then to really open up to you. Probably really funny and also cute asf. He either has dark hair or red hair and he probably has freckles. The guy to stay up talking to you when your going through your worst shit. He sometimes turns conversations deep. If you’re friends or are dating a Leo, keep him :)
you know leo?
yeah I was talking to him last night, he’s really cool. I think i kinda like him
by thestupidsoul February 28, 2021
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